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Atelier Free Flow Artists’ Acrylic can enhance a variety of applications or techniques, from watercolor to gouache to acrylic. It is also very useful for particular genres of painting, such as Miniature Art. Miniature art, as defined by the Australian Society of Miniature Art, is based on size, not a painting style. For a 2-dimensional work, the perimeter must not exceed 40cm (15.7”). For example, a painting may be 10cm x 10cm, or any variation of this size, such as 12cm x 8cm. In a miniature portrait, the depiction of the human head must be no larger than 3.8cm (1.5″) from chin to crown.

Miniature art has a tradition going back 100s of years, from the illustrated letters of medieval manuscripts to the exquisitely detailed paintings found on lockets and snuff boxes. Today, miniature art can be representational or abstract, and in 2015 a major Australian painting prize for landscapes was awarded to a miniature painting.

Recently, members of the Australian Society of Miniature Art had the opportunity to try Free Flow for their works. Overall, painters found Free Flow to be wonderful medium for creating these tiny jewels of paintings. They found Free Flow to be useful for the fine details typically found in miniature art, and worked well for opaque passages as well as glazes.

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