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It is very important that while your photoas are printing onto canvas the original colours captured by your digital camera are kept intact. What I mean by that is that the ‘dark olive green’ doesn’t become just ‘dark green’ but the colours are actually printed as close to the original image as possible.

There is both experience and right equipment needed in order to achieve that. We have invested heavily into our calibration system, and it is never ending job. Our spectrophotometer in also indespensible tool that allows to judge the media quality and its reproduction abilities.

Based on the many tests done on different types on canvas available on the market we have decided to stick with Breathing Color.

This is a logn established brand which not also guarantees canvas longevity, wide colour gamut but also each new canvas roll is very consistent for colour reproduction purposes. Experience in making profiles gained after years of working in reprographics and colour calibration field position our company at the top of canvas photo printing services.

We have asked been asked this question many times – ‘Do you use colour calibration for your canvas printing’ – and we can proudly answer – ‘Yes. We do.’ We actually take it very seriously – I can’t imagine printing without. It is produce unpredictable, random results. And yet there is many companies that don’t bother – due to the fact that it does cost money and takes time to keep the workflow colour calibrated, and also experience and of course – will to do it.

For professional clients we provide our canvas profile. Please enquire and we will be pleased to send you the profile which then can be used in Adobe Photoshop for soft proofing.

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